Optimization of existing operations

The focus of our consultancy is a basic analysis of the commercial situation of your production facility and the ascertainment of increases in efficiency and potentials of rationalization. We review the operational organization and develop measures to optimize your undertaking’s revenue and cost structures.

Commissioning of new plant

Start-up is the last phase of implementing plants and therefore also the most intensive and practically relevant phase for training and skill adaptation of your operating staff. To be able to use the new plant expertly, in a targeted manner, is one of the main start-up tasks. On the basis of our long-term practice and extensive knowhow we shall be happy to assist you here also.

Coaching, Training and Professional Development

Subject-specific further training of staff is indispensable for continued success. We respond to your individual wishes and requirements and offer you tailor-made training as well as workshops at the highest level in order to guarantee your staff’s optimum learning success.

Sales and Distribution Support

We assist with the opening or optimization of your fresh produce section and also with the introduction of new products (extension of range, special activities) or change of existing products (adjustment of range). We help with efficient and competent training of expert staff in the fresh produce sections of the food trade, adjusted to your business operation, your range, and the underlying market conditions. During implementation activities are taking preference. Checklists and detailed user-friendly descriptions of the activities required are offered.

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