Management Consulting

As corporate consultants, we analyse your operational processes and support you with regard to the development and implementation of operative and strategic measures. Our aim thereby is the optimization and organization of operational processes, analysis of cost drivers and cost reduction measures, as well as specific measures to increase turnover and achieve growth in earnings. We support you in respect of the introduction of management information systems as well as controlling and planning tools (specifically concerning contribution margins and cost centre accounting).

Operational Consulting

Optimization and rescheduling of material flow and process sequence right up to planning new production plants. Sector-specific specialist knowledge frequently makes it possible to establish production indices. The main focus thereby is the increase of efficiency and the reliability of production processes. Best practice models for entire production lines or plants are part of the service. Our consultants are also able to provide proposals concerning hygiene safety and quality assurance in the production process.

Human Resources Consulting

We assist you with the selection of staff and drawing up workplace descriptions and job specifications. We are also competent in setting up training programmes and offering support through individual coaching. We are equally pleased to help with planning staff placements.

Investment Engineering

Technical, technological, and commercial concepts as well as advice with regard to rebuilding or modernising existing plants. Implementation of feasibility studies, drawing up flow of goods diagrams, etc. From calculation via the invitation to tender to negotiations on any type of production plant. We produce proposals for individual solutions for your production lines.

Trade and Procurement of any type of goods

Our consultants‘ international experience and knowledge of specialities and products helps customers. Additives, materials and supplies (operating resources) as well as new technologies provide a commercial and qualitative advantage.

Advertising and Product Promotion

Planning product launches (product presentation – packaging) culminating in marketing plans. Concept design for advertising campaigns and topical advertising. Concept planning for tastings at major events and trade fairs.

Project Planning and Design

Our service also includes planning of material flow, process engineering, layout, logistics plan, etc. We support you all the way: from planning via construction supervision, planning of machinery or negotiations with suppliers, including acceptance of process and plant, up to start-up and optimization of plant and entire production lines for your production facility.

Financial Planning

We look for individual solutions for your company‘s financial planning. Financing concepts for new or enhanced investments are as much part of our service as your company’s liquidity planning.


From the implementation of recommended cost centre accounting to the analysis of your entire cost structure. Assistance with planning and budgeting. We help you to ascertain the contribution margins of individual customers, products, or entire projects. Setting up performance measurement systems (Management Cockpit). Analysing your range or your customers and suppliers (ABC analyses) etc.

Sales and Distribution Support

We offer advice with the organization, presentation, and placement of any kind of fresh produce and jointly with you develop models to optimize turnover and earnings. Activities and measures to promote consumer acceptance and impulse buying.

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